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Want to run your own practice? This is a great place to start!

So much more than just an office.

Give your new firm the support it needs and the space to grow



Peer Support

Why the incubator?

How does it work

My story

I started my own firm when I was about a three-year call. I had left my last firm with no clients and no clue how I was going to build a practice. 


I fumbled through, asked for help where I could, and eventually managed to create something I'm proud of. Along the way, I was glad to have some help and support from friends and colleagues. I learned a lot from them. 

Working with peers and a group of other sole practitioners turned out to be one of the most valuable things as I was starting out. Having people around to chat with and bounce ideas off was so valuable, and still is.  

The one thing I was always wished I had more of was mentorship. That person to go to when you need an ear or some extra help, someone to go over files with and ask the about those things you'd be afraid to ask your boss if you still had one. 

A few years ago, I decided to set up my own office space. I was joined by other sole practitioners and a new partnership, and it became a fantastic place to go to work everyday. We became a great resource for each other, between sharing tips and stories, to referring each other clients and helping out on files. 


What I hadn't expected when I signed that lease was that the space was going to turn into something of a lawyer incubator. New sole practitioners would join the office, get set up, build their practice, and some hired associates and outgrew the space, making way for other new solos to join. When I realized I'd accidentally been running a lawyer incubator for a few years, it really got me thinking about why we don't have any official ones. So I thought, why not start one?

So that's what I'm offering you! The resources to get going, the peer support that's so valuable as you're getting up and running, and the mentorship to help guide you along the way. 

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So, how does it work?

First, you apply! Send me your CV, along with a cover letter or email telling me why you want to be a part of The Lawyer Incubator. 

Next, we chat about your goals and how I can help you reach them. If it sounds like The Lawyer Incubator will be the right place for you to grow your practice, you can pick your package.


Want a private office? Perfect. Just a desk? No problem. Maybe you want to do this with a colleague and share an office or you want a remote option. Works for me! Rent will be on a sliding scale for a 12 or 18 month term while you're getting up and running. 


Once you join the incubator, you will have access to all the great things our office has to offer, plus resources, boardroom access, a listing on the Gastown Law Collective, regular structured mentorship, and more tools to help you build the practice you really want to have.


We have negotiated exclusive perks and benefits from some great legal service providers, to help you get your practice set up and growing straight out of the gate. 


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What our Incubator Lawyers Have to Say

I launched Sportschuetz & Company in May 2020. Initially I operated out of a private WeWork office, which I found was not an ideal environment for a law firm, since it lacked the all-important support from fellow lawyers. I joined The Lawyer Incubator and found the environment second to none. Ashley and the many other mid-level and senior litigators and solicitors provide an atmosphere of collegiality and support. Our revenues and client intake shot through the roof and our firm has grown exponentially since joining the Incubator. Later this year, our firm will be moving to its own office space, but we will at all times remember the support and mentorship from Ashley and her colleagues.

   - Tim Sportschuetz, founder of Sportschuetz & Company


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Suite 300 - 171 Water Street

Vancouver, BC  V6B 1A7

Tel: 604-343-1103

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